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Patricia S. Brown

48 x 24
Glazed Oil


Over time my work has evolved in two directions.
Action painting, is a direct unplanned assertion of color and texture flowing directly. I also find expression through the interplay of photographed objects and abstract color forms.

Gallery 2

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Allow the subconscious to manifest it's own mindscape. Surprise! Suddenly, without consciousness filtering and editing the expressive impulse, the psyche leaps into action and renders its own uninhibited manifestation of the subtle energies that inform us all. The real surprise is the extent to which, at times, these renderings resonate in wonderfully gratifying harmony with the minds of an observer.
The response: " I love It!"

Pure spiritual pleasure.

I embrace abstract expressionism as an opportunity to paint intuitively - not starting with an idea in mind but with the act of painting itself.

BA in studio arts / painting
University of Illinois, Chicago

1/01/10 - I am currently completing a body of 10 new abstract works in two sizes - 60x60 & 60x84.

Five are now available in Gallery 1.

Gallery 1